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through Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT)

Chilton's in-house REIT team is known for its long-term proven strategies and exceptional performance. Real estate is an uncorrelated, inflation linked asset class that complements a multimanager portfolio offering diversification, income with growth, and the potential for risk reduction and return enhancement.

Our REIT strategies invest in apartments, regional malls, shopping centers, lodging, office, industrial, self-storage, data centers/tech, specialty, and a variety of health care related facilities. We believe public REITs are superior vehicles for investing in real estate due to their liquidity, transparency, and total return characteristics. 

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Diversify your portfolio

with investments in REIT

REITs offer the distinct advantage of greater diversification through investing in a portfolio of real estate properties rather than a single property. Our strategies are designed to provide institutional investors with steady income in the form of monthly or quarterly dividends, as well as growth potential in the appreciation of the properties owned by the REIT.

Benefits of REIT

Competitive market performance

High, steady dividend income

Low correlation with other assets

Long-term capital appreciation

Reduced total portfolio risk

Real estate investment trusts (REIT) offer an accessible way to invest in real estate with long-term capital appreciation. For institutional investors, real estate offers a sound investment opportunity for clients.

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Strategic Equity

Our Large-Cap Core strategy

Our Strategic Equity strategy is a large-cap core 100% U.S. stock portfolio with ADR's, designed to outperform the S&P500 Total Return Index, net of management fees, over rolling three to five-year periods. Using fundamental research, generated in-house, and its proprietary risk-management process, Strategic Equity strives to minimize its tracking error and maximize its excess return, relative to the S&P 500; in order to maximize its Information Ratio. 


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