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Institutional Strategies


Chilton Capital Management LLC offers time- tested, team-driven equity and fixed-income strategies under the leadership of investment professionals whose collective experience spans almost five decades.


At the core of our institutional offerings is a segment of our practice dedicated solely to research and portfolio management with a specific emphasis on fundamental securities analysis.  Additional tenets of our process include prioritizing depth of knowledge of the entire capital structure of the companies whose securities are considered for inclusion in client portfolios. Institutional strategies are available via multiple distribution channels.  Most of our institutional strategies are customized to meet specific end-client requirements.



Each of our strategies has a dedicated investment team following a disciplined process with a particular emphasis on primary research. Philosophically, we are forward looking; while our individual company evaluation takes past achievement into consideration, we are most interested in future potential.


Security selection is made with the expectation of holding each name for a three-plus year time horizon. Corresponding historical portfolio turnover throughout the life of each strategy is typically under 35% per annum. Fundamental analysis is the driving force behind all companies considered for investment. We apply rigorous quantitative and qualitative analyses pertinent to the strategy, sector, industry and company. Different industries use different metrics. Generally speaking, we prioritize identifying and owning securities of companies with above-average expansion of revenue and earnings growth. Qualitative factors include an assessment of management, customer/tenant base of the company, competitive forces, size of market opportunity, and potential governmental and industry policy changes.


Chilton Capital Management believes that concise and thorough analysis includes both a detailed understanding at the company level and a thorough understanding of the environment in which any one company is operating—economic, geographic, competitive, and regulatory. Changes in macro considerations signal inflection points and provide clues to significant shifts in industry and/or company dynamics. As a result, security valuation is continually assessed to support both the buy/sell decisions to meet the objectives of each strategy.

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