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Active Asset Allocation Strategy (AAA)


Inception: July 31, 2012

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Mary Catherine ("Polly") Shouse

Mary Catherine ("Polly") Shouse

Portfolio Manager & Analyst

Experience: 40 years


Ms. Shouse is lead analyst and portfolio manager for the firm’s Global AAA (Active Asset Allocation) and CCIS (Chilton Capital Impact Strategies). Prior to joining Chilton Capital Management in 2011 she served as Executive Vice-President for Mellon Capital Management of which she was a co-founder in 1983. Her career experience also includes associations with Wells Fargo and Fairchild Semiconductor.


Ms. Shouse has a BS and an MBA from Stanford University.


Ms. Shouse serves on the firm’s Investment Policy Committee.



Chilton Capital Management's "Active Asset Allocation Strategy" (AAA) is an active strategy with over-weightings and under-weightings implemented relative to a well-diversified passive global index benchmark.


The AAA strategies provide the "Active" use of "Passive" management. The "Passive" index funds are primarily ETFs designed to match broad market indexes. They are "Actively" managed to outperform the benchmark with proportions which may vary through time, depending upon current market valuations. The AAA Strategy portfolio is designed to save the investor fees, trading costs, and taxes that the average investor spends.


The Portfolio will seek to hold the best ETFs (or Mutual Funds) which the portfolio manager may identify, chosen to track each asset class, including considerations of net returns relative to the benchmark and risk.




The first objective of the AAA strategies is to outperform the AAA Benchmarks. The second objective is to outperform the Peer Group of investors with similar asset allocations.


Peer Groups


• AAA 60/40 Strategy | Morningstar US ETF Moderate Allocation

Peer group with a moderate risk temperament has an average stock/bond mix of 60%/40% which may vary at times from the average by about plus or minus 15%.


AAA 80/20 Strategy | Morningstar US ETF Aggressive Allocation

Peer group with an Aggressive temperament has an average stock/bond mix of 80%/20% which may vary at times from the average 80%/20% by about plus or minus 15%.


All Cap Global Equity Strategy | US ETF World Stock and US ETF Large Blend

These peer groups have an average stock/cash mix of 95%/5% which may vary at times from the average by

about plus or minus 15%.

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